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This website (GOLFHOLES) by Automated Design Systems provides for a golf course a convenient, efficient and truly effective World Wide Web presence without spending the usual time and money needed to develop and implement a unique site. Click Here to return to Home Page.

Why a web presence for golf courses?

[Bullet] Advertise 24 hours a day and 365 days a year showing your most important asset - either a signature hole or all 18 holes. We accomplish this using on-line images of photos taken from the tee and of the green - the way a golfer sees them and remembers them.
[Bullet] Save time and money when golfers can retrieve directions and review policies on-line.
[Bullet] Increase green fee income when new golfers are introduced to your course.

Why should I use this service rather than set up my own web site?

[Bullet] This is quick and easy - just sign up, enter or send us the general info about your course and get us pictures of the golf holes. For details on this click Here. Otherwise it can be a time consuming and costly venture to contract for and have designed a special web site.
[Bullet] We promote this site using local press releases, links to related on line services and search engines on the World Wide Web. Just constructing and publishing a web site does not mean that it will be found or used by golfers.
[Bullet] On line photos of golf holes provide a true value for golfers that wish not only to find but to evaluate a course. We give golfers a one stop location for this unique service that is not provided by anyone else anywhere.

Am I locked in?...You may cancel at any time. If canceled we will remove you from our listing and refund pro rata fees for any months not yet used.

What are my risks? Improperly taken photos can detract from the beauty of the course. For this reason consider using a GOLFHOLES representative in your area to photograph your course. Ideally the best photos should be taken on a sunny summer day and/or when the course is in it's best condition.

Do I need a computer for this? ...No! However having one is convenient for receiving email and for starting time reservations.

If I already have a web site what good does this listing service do me? This service will send additional traffic to your unique site since we can add a transfer link.

I don't see my state on GOLFHOLES. Will I be the first? Yes. You will benefit from this when we send a press release to your local newspaper(s) announcing the addition of your region or city to our service.

It's winter and the course will not produce good photos. What do I do now? Send us 2 pictures of what you have which can consist of a photo of your signature hole, golf course overhead shots or even the clubhouse and they can be published on the first page of your course listing. (Incidentally this can be done even if you choose the 18 hole listing.) We can scan in the pictures for publication using Option 2 below. Later, if you desire, you can photograph all 18 holes and convert to Option 1.

Why should I do this now in the off season when income is down? This is the time when golfers all over the world are using the web to look into vacation golf packages or setting up travel plans for the spring and summer months. If you are not here on-line when they are looking, you will by bypassed.

How do I justify this expense? Consider that the cost of a monthly listing of all 18 holes ($45) is paid for by one new weekend golfer a month. Also consider that one new golfer may bring 3 more and return many times later if he/she likes the course. How about .... three new weekend foursomes annually will pay for the entire year!!!


Option Option Description Set Up Monthly
1 All 18 Holes (36) photos, Layout & Gen.Info. $400 $45
2 Signature Hole Only (2) Photos & Gen.Info. $200 $20

How do I sign up? Review the Service Agreement and then submit to us the information required in the On-Line Subscription Form, to be included in the General Information Page, a hole layout (if available - not necessary), a scorecard, pictures or photos of the signature hole or all holes, and a check for the setup fee. For details on this click Here.

Can I sign up now - on-line? Yes! Click Here for ON-Line Subscription Sign Up.

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