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... Golfholes Logo Water Repellant Windshirt                           $39  includes shipping  gbh5k.jpg (5219 bytes)
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Ebiscus Woody

Windshirts are made of 100% microfibre, with a full cut style, ribbed cuffs, crew neck, and manufactured in the USA.  To order and purchase one of these unique windshirts, click the color and size desired below.  PayPal will guide you through a (secured) simple process of charging your favorite credit card account and set you up as a member if you are not already. Allow one week for delivery.

Woody            Medium        Large          Extra Large          XXL

Ebiscus            Medium        Large          Extra Large          XXL

Solid Tan         Medium        Large          Extra Large          XXL

Solid Blue        Medium        Large          Extra Large          XXL

Solid Green     Medium        Large           Extra Large         XXL

Solid Black     Medium         Large          Extra Large         XXL

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