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    Ireland Golf - Old Head

    ireland-golf Imagine yourself on this tee on a good day like this. Notice the calm seas below. There is no wind. So it is a comparitively easy shot to the fairway--just don't pull it left or hook it. As you can see, even if you land on the left side of the fairway, it will bounce left.

    Assuming you didn't push the ball or slice it into the rightside rough, the second shot must also be precise. Obviously If you pull your approach to the left of the green, the North Atlantic gets it. Searching for lost golf balls on the cliffs is not reccomended. WARNING! is not liable for golfer injury on this Ireland Golf Package Tour.

    Charlotte Golf Hole with flag stick and golf ball

    Golfholes Special Promotion. Receive a free brand new Razor Golf club when you get our Ireland golf tour. More

    Hole In One

    Walnut 17 x 14 framed photo of the Ireland golf course hole in one with your name and date on a brass plaque. Keep the event forever. For Info go to: