Golfholes Side Banner Advertisement Side Banner Advertisement

Description A side banner with a 227 x 95 pixel JPG or PNG or GIF picture including a 3 line text description that links to your site. Placement is on the right side of the specified city Golf Course Directory under the Golfholes logo.
Process Upon receipt of first payment and advertisement information, the add will be placed on-line within one week from the receipt of all information.
  Email picture, add description, and name of city directory or questions to Or call Golfholes at 803-517-0451

  Your link name here
Description line 1 advertise
Description line 2 advertise
Payment Info Three months for $99. After using the Buy Now button below to purchase your Side Banner Page Add, you will receive an email with the subject: "Receipt for your Payment". If the advertisement is not terminated, the add will continue for another 3 months, and there will be an invoice for the next three months.


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