The 2004 Shamrock Intercollegiate Invitational

Tied for first place with 977 was Coastal Carolina. Left to right are Lina Cordes from Denmark, Dannielle Renner from Alberta Canada, Natalie Cruse form Surry, England, Katy Heher from Mullin SC, and Lindsey Letzig from Richmond, MO.
Playoff bound on the left Dannielle adjusts her sunglasses on the Pines first tee.

On the first tee are Katy and a relaxed Lina discussing strategy prior to the sudden death play.

Lindsey Letzig on the left warms up prior to teeing off. 

Dannielle on the right shows off her  Canadian form.  She hails from Coaldale Alberta.

With a practice swing Katy gets ready for sudden death.  After crushing her drive on this par five, she had only a 150 yard shot to the green. 

Natalie on the right, shown just before contact, pushed this drive down into the rough. She recovered but almost went out of bounds on the other side. Natalie scrambled a par to help her team.

Lina from Denmark lays a long drive down the left center of the fairway. 

She missed the green long to the left but made a chip shot that ran 8 foot past the pin. Lina then coolly canned the 8 footer for a bird and a win for her team Coastal Carolina.   

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