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Carl Jamison    

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The Titleist Custom Fitting System is what Carl Jamison provides at Fort Mill Golf Club in Fort Mill SC.  As a PGA Golf Professional Carl also provides private lessons at $35 per hour.  Carl's teaching philosophy is an emphasis on fundamentals and working with the swing that the golfer already has. This improves the individual's game by building proper techniques in setup, mechanics and tempo. carl2.jpg (31935 bytes)
The Titleist Custom Fitting System helps you evaluate everything about your swing from lie angle to club length, shaft flex to grip size.  Why not get club's perfectly suited to the dynamics of your swing?         THE TRUTH ABOUT LIES---> lie3.jpg (11276 bytes)
Did you know an incorrect lie angle of 4 degrees equates to a shot 42' off line?        Left of Target       Correct        Right of target
These links below provide detail on the Titleist clubs.   DCI 990 IronsDCI 990BDCI 981, DCI981SLMetal Woods. titleist.jpg (12793 bytes)

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