Wyboo Golf Club Guest-Pass Information 


Seasons marked * are limited to play after 11AM. However purchases made 24 hours before the starting time are not subject to this limitation. 


Weekday or Weekend Price  Buy

Jan 1 Feb 3 

1 Mon-Sun (4) golfers with cart $75

Feb 4 - Feb 10 

2 Mon-Sun (4) golfers with cart $96 

Feb 11 - Mar 3 *

3 Mon-Sun (4) golfers with cart $129 

Mar 4 - Apr  28 *

4 Mon-Sun (4) golfers with cart $150 

Apr 29 -May 12 *

5 Mon-Sun (4) golfers with cart $138 

May 13 - May 31 *

6 Mon-Sun (4) golfers with cart $120 

June 1 - Aug 31

7 Mon-Sun (4) golfers with cart $75 

Sept 1 - Sep 30 *

8 Mon-Sun (4) golfers with cart $114 

Oct 1 - Nov 10 *

9 Mon-Sun (4) golfers with cart $108 

Nov 11 - Dec31

10 Mon-Sun (4) golfers with cart $78


Your payment will be processed by Automated Design Systems, Inc 

NOTE: Remember to print the Printable Receipt from the PayPal transaction to take to the course.

After using the BUY button above to purchase the green fee to process the payment a PayPal "Successfully completed your Payment" notice will display with option to View Printable Receipt. Click on this link and print the Receipt. It is this Receipt that you should bring to the golf course as a voucher to play.

Shortly thereafter (usually within 5 minutes) you will receive a "Payment Details" Email from PayPal, which includes duplicate payment information.  This is your Proof-of-Payment from PayPal.

For more information on this method of payment click PayPal
Description The Guest-Pass will be valid for a round of golf for four on Weekdays or Weekend as purchased for the Wyboo Golf course. It can be purchased here by clicking the appropriate BUY button above. It includes green fees and carts for a Foursome for 18 holes.  A printer should be available on your computer to print the Guest-Pass after paying for it.
Tee Times Tee times must be reserved using 888-245-9300
Limitations The Guest-Pass must be presented to receive the round for four. Not valid with any other discount rates or special tournaments. It expires 180 days after purchase date. There is no limit on the number of Guest-Passes except that if more than one is to be used it is best to check with the course first to be sure they can accommodate the rounds on the date requested.
  Comments, questions, problems? email to golfholes@golfholes.com

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