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 Web Special Green Fee

4 for 3
Mon-Fri  $135 for four with cart
 ($37.50 per golfer)
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4 for 3
Sat-Sun $165 for four with cart
 ($41.25 per golfer)
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Tri-County* For residents of Berkeley, Charleston, & Dorchester 
 * Weekday
4 for 3
Mon-Fri  $108 for four with cart
 ($27.00 per golfer)
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For more information on this method of payment click PayPal
NOTE: After using the BUY button above to purchase the green fee, a coupon will display following the PayPal transaction. You will also receive an email with the subject: "Receipt for your Payment". If for any reason the coupon does not display after the PayPal transaction, you may print  the email confirmation and use it instead of the coupon. Please write the PayPal  proof of purchase transaction # from the PayPal email on the Coupon where indicated.
Description The coupon will be valid for a round of golf for four on Weekdays, (Mon - Fri) or Weekend as purchased for the Legend Oaks Golf course. It can be purchased here by clicking the appropriate BUY button above. It includes green fees and carts for a Foursome for 18 holes.  A printer should be available on your computer to print the coupon after paying for it.
Tee Times Tee times must be reserved using 843-821-4077 
Limitations The coupon must be presented to receive the round for four.  Offer valid the day of the week it was purchased for..   Not valid with any other discount rates.  Expires 180 days after purchase date. 
There is no limit on the number or coupons except that if more than one is to be used (16 golfers) it is best to check with the course first to be sure they can accommodate that many on the date requested.
  Comments, questions, problems? email to golfholes@golfholes.com

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