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Description The holder of this coupon is entitled to one golf lesson for 60 minutes priced at $60.

We teach a simplified approach to the golf swing consisting of three parts: The setup, the mechanics and the tempo. We teach how to consistently merge these three concepts into a repeatable swing. A typical lesson also teaches the fundamentals of putting, pitching and chipping.


Process 1. Purchase this sign up coupon for $60
2. Then schedule the lesson:
A. Email the instructor  JW Farquhar at
B.  Text JW at  803-517-0451
Where  Pinetuck Golf Club, 2578 Tuckaway Road, Rock Hill, SC
 The Golf Village of Charlotte, 400 N Polk St, Pineville, NC
 The Riverside Golf Center,1600 Garner Ln., Columbia, SC


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$60 for one Hour Session
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